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Healthy living shouldn’t be difficult.  Our ancestors didn’t need anyone to tell them what to eat. They knew food was good and made for eating and nourishing their bodies. Their food was real and unadulterated back then.  However, with the introduction of big food companies selling us fake foods filled with sugar, toxic oils, chemicals, and just generally interfering with the way God made our food, has resulted in a huge increase in disease and a serious decline in the health of our society. Not to mention the toxic chemical soup we live in today from cleaning supplies, personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, mold and more. Traditional cultures in other parts of the world who still eat foods in their natural state and aren’t surrounded but chemicals, don’t have the diseases we see here today, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many different auto-immune diseases. Neither do they suffer from anxiety and depression like we see in the western world.

Thankfully, our bodies are designed to heal themselves, yet often they aren’t able to for many reasons. We need to ask why and then give the body what it needs (or take out what is causing harm) to let it heal and get back to its original design.

There’s so much conflicting advice on nutrition, and many fad diets around today. I’m here to help you figure out a way to eat and live so that your body can get back to functioning the way it should, and in a way that is natural, simple and sustainable.

Niki Bisbee - Origin Nutrition
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I utilize a holistic approach to healing, which takes into account the whole person – physical, emotional and spiritual.  We are all created uniquely, and it’s important that each client receives customized attention. What works for one person may not work for another. Many factors are taken into consideration to create a specific protocol for each individual.

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