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The 10 Pillars of Health

We can eat a perfectly healthy diet yet still suffer from many health issues. There are several other factors to take into account. You’ve probably heard of all of these, as they are not new, but we all need reminding to check into what might be causing us to not feel our best. Here are my 7 pillars for health in no particular order:

  1. Nutrient Dense Foods – Art of NourishmentEating foods that heal and nourish the body. Avoiding sugar, processed carbohydrates, preservatives, industrial oils, and fueling the body with real foods grown in nature – not only vegetables, but healthy fats like grass fed butter, olive oil, nuts, and good quality animal prote
  2. Clean filtered water with minerals/Celtic sea salt added. Tap water is a source of many contaminants such as chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, viruses, and much more. Type in your city in the EWG Tap Water Database to see what’s in your tap water. I recommend getting a reverse osmosis filter or a Berkey filter and adding minerals back in.
  3. Faith – Being connected to God. He created you, knows you fully, loves you fully, and he is not not angry with you like many people think. Without this relationship you have a huge void in your life that you will try to fill with all kinds of things (good and bad), which will never fully satisfy. To learn more click here.
  4. Mindfulness/Stress Management – We can’t avoid stress, but we can be careful how we deal with it. Taking our thoughts captive, realize what you’re thinking about, dwelling on, etc. Focus on positive thoughts instead of negative. Practice gratitude, it literally changes the brain. Praying over things we can’t control. Having the courage to change the things we can control. We do have control over our minds not the other way around. Phil 4:8. Listen to your own self-talk. What stories and lies are you telling yourself? Your body literally responds to your thoughts. click here to learn more.
  5. Sleep – This seems simple yet it’s often a big struggle. Our bodies only restore while we sleep, not when we’re awake. Getting to bed early enough to get 7-8 hours (10 plus for teens). Turning off the phones, computers and TV will help your body make melatonin so you can fall asleep. A recent study showed that reading on your ipad or iphone before bed reduces your melatonin by 50%. Reading a paper book in bed is a better practice if you can’t sleep. Getting out in sunlight without sunglasses on in the morning helps to set your circadian rhythm so your body will produce melatonin in the evening.
  6. Movement – Exercise is so important for your physical and emotional health. Studies show it helps with anxiety, depression and stress in general. Move in a way that’s right for you. Start slowly and do something you enjoy. Even walking everyday has amazing health benefits. Exercise has so many health benefits – improved sleep, optimizes hormones, keeps bones and muscles strong, and many more. Click here to learn about all the benefits of movement.
  7. Social Connections – Social Connections - Origin Nutrition CoSpending real face-to-face time with family and friends is how we are designed to live. Lack of connection to others affects health in a profound way. We were made to live in authentic community with others. We are so connected in a false way online, yet loneliness is at an all time high because we’re not living in community the way we were designed to. To learn more click here.
  8. Rest – Most people do not know how to rest anymore. Scrolling on social media for hours at a time, is not resting (ever notice how anxious and un-rested you feel afterwards)? It might numb you out for a while and give you a break/distraction from what you’re doing, but it’s not true rest. Busyness has become so glorified and everyone is always so busy. We have lost touch with what feeds us in a relaxing, and uplifting way – reading a book, walking, creating, cooking, writing, taking a bath, painting, fill in your own thing here. Eating a relaxed meal with friends and family, all the things we did more of before smart phones and computers. Getting back to doing things that feed and recharge you will have such an impact on your health. Putting your oxygen mask on so you can then be productive, useful and energized to help others, and live out your calling well.
  9. Reduce your Toxic Load – We cannot totally avoid toxins because our world is overrun with them, however there is a lot we can do. Start with the products in your home, and what you put on your skin. We are literally dousing ourselves daily with all kinds of chemicals in our beauty products and cosmetics. From what we use in our showers to the skin care and make up we use. Click here to shop for amazing organic skincare from England. household cleaning products and scented or even unscented candles are so toxic to the air we breathe in our own homes. Beeswax candles and essential oils can actually help clean up your air. For cleaning supplies I’m testing some new ones from Thrive market, where I buy most of my pantry staples and cleaning supplies as they are much cheaper than buying at the store. They also have frozen foods and clean wines. Use this link to get 30% off your first order.
  10. Sunshine – There are so many benefits of being in the sun. Firstly, our circadian rhythms depend on sunlight, it also increases our mitochondrial production (energy), plus serotonin and dopamine (mood booting hormones are produced in response to sunlight. Sunlight helps our bodies produce important hormones such as Vitamin D and melatonin. The sun reduces our risk of cancer, despite what we’ve been told. research shows that people working indoors have a higher risk of malignant melanoma than those who work outdoors. While we don’t want to burn our skin, getting out in the sun regularly even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, then  gradually increasing it will help prevent sunburn. Sunscreens are extremely toxic and have been proven to cause cancer. The sun is life giving to all living creatures. Get outside without sunglasses or sunscreen to improve your over all health.

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