Hello! My name is Niki Bisbee. I’m a Christ follower, Functional Nutritionist, Homeopath in training, mother to two grown up daughters, and now a grandma to a beautiful little girl. I’m originally from England, but my home is now in Dallas, Texas.

Being raised in England and having a mum who cared very much about nutritious whole foods gave me a great foundation, and an understanding of how important real food is for our health. Ironically, though I learned the hard way that a bad diet can cause a myriad of health problems.

Shortly after moving to the States and consistently eating processed foods for the first time (Standard American Diet), I found myself struggling with health issues that I’d never had before, such as digestive issues, blood sugar disfunction, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, chronic fatigue, joint pains, food intolerances, migraines, seasonal allergies and more, all while in my 20’s. I was fortunate to find a functional doctor/chiropractor who helped me understand the effects of food, (and stress), on my health. Eating unprocessed whole foods, the way God intended for us, and using therapeutic supplements to get back in balance, I saw a transformation in my health and well-being in ways I couldn’t imagine. This gave me a passion to help others get well and feel their best, and led me to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

More recently I suffered from mold illness from living in a home with mold for many years, which led to new and scary symptoms despite a good diet and lifestyle. I began using Homeopathy to heal, as well as several detox protocols to regain my health once again. Growing up, my mum always used Homeopathy on us as kids for acute issues and I had used them on my kids, but I never really understood how Homeopathy could help chronic issues and emotional & mental issues too. In my education and implementation of Homeopathy I have been amazed at how effective it is, and can’t wait to be able to help others with it! I share a lot about homeopathy on my Instagram page if you’d like to learn more.

In my Nutrition practice, I use a holistic approach to help my clients get well and achieve optimal health. Health isn’t just about what we eat, but about how we think, move, what we put on our skin, the chemicals we use in our homes, stress, past or current trauma, environmental factors, and more. Some of our symptoms come on slowly and we become accustomed to them, such as feeling tired, achy, having digestive issues and not sleeping well, and we forget that that is not the way we are supposed to feel or function. Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us something isn’t right, and we shouldn’t ignore them or try to cover them up with a band-aid approach, but instead seek out the root cause. My goal is to help people optimize their health by uprooting the issues and helping them heal, so they can feel well again. There’s not a “one size fits all” way to health, so each client receives a personalized protocol.

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