Nutritional Therapy

What is nutritional therapy and how does it work?

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP’s) are certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. We utilize a holistic approach to healing, which takes into account the whole person – physical, emotional and spiritual. We focus on bio-individuality, which considers that each person has a unique genetic and ancestral make-up, and respond differently to certain foods, supplements, exercise and even stress – whether it be emotional, physical or environmental. We are trained to identify and address root causes of imbalances and dysfunction in the body.


Free 15 minute Consultation

Ask questions and find out more about how I can help you with your specific health issues/goals. Get to know each other a little to see if we’re a good match, and learn more about nutritional therapy.

Free 15 minute phone call


Initial Consultation

This consultation includes:

  • Review of Food & Mood Journal
  • Review of Initial Interview (Lifestyle factors, health history etc.)
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Nutritional Assessment Review & Findings of Symptoms (including deficiencies and top conditions)
  • Nutrition Education & Resources
  • Personalized Dietary & Lifestyle Protocol
  • $229 for 90 minutes
  • *3 or 6 month packages available at 10% discount. Click for more details.

    Follow Up Sessions

    In the follow up sessions we will review progress, reassess your protocol, make any adjustments to diet, supplements, lifestyle and implement the next step of healing.

    $89 for 45 minutes. In person or virtual.


    Virtual Clients

    If you’re not local to the Dallas area, I offer virtual appointments via video chat. Includes everything listed in the Initial Consultation except the Functional Evaluation.

    $189 - Initial Consultation

    $89 - 45 minute follow-ups

    Trained & Certified

    Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

    Functional Nutritionist are trained in a unique set of skills in order to maximize results and address the bio-individuality of each client.

    My skill set/tools includes:

    • Food Journal – I assess food quality, quantity, timing of meals, macronutrient balance, potential food allergens, hydration and more. Realistic steps are provided so that you can make changes that fit into your lifestyle.
    • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) – A detailed online questionnaire (300+ symptom questions) to identify potential nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in organs and organ systems.
    • Functional Evaluation (local clients) – A unique, hands-on evaluation technique in which the FNTP will use feedback from the body to determine where dysfunction is occurring within organs and organ systems.
    • Lingual-Neuro Testing (local clients only) – A valuable biofeedback tool that enables us to determine the usefulness of a nutritional supplement or food. LNT accesses the body’s innate intelligence to discriminate between what it needs and what it doesn’t need in order to correct a specific problem, for example, a weak organ or nutritional deficiency. Using targeted test of supplements and/or foods to ensure that recommendations will benefit the client. Based on these findings, I may recommend targeted supplementation/foods for a period of time. The goal is to remove the need for most supplements after the body’s function is optimized.
    Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

    Shown below is the symptom burden graph of one of my clients. These are the results from the NAQ. The green are her “before” symptoms showing where her body was struggling the most, and the blue shows her results less than 6 months months after working with me, (she only came to see me twice during that time frame). These improvements were evident not only on paper, but, most importantly in the way she felt and the drastic reduction of her symptoms and health issues.

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